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Journal of Animal Science and Technology
Vol. 56, 57(2014~)
▣ 편집위원장 : 최인호
▣ 편집위원 : 정호영, 최창원, 이철영, 오세종, 김관석,
    이홍구, 송민호, 김은중, 조철훈

논문번호 :
학회지년월 : 201803
접수일자 : 2017-06-19 채택일자 : 2018-03-05
전공분야 : 기타
조 회 수 : 2
Correction to: effects of dietary
supplementation of a lipid-coated zinc
oxide product on the fecal consistency,
growth, and morphology of the intestinal
mucosa of weanling pigs

Young-Jin Byun1†, Chul Young Lee1†, Myeong Hyeon Kim1, Dae Yun Jung1, Jeong Hee Han2, Insurk Jang3,
Young Min Song1 and Byung-Chul Park4*

Due to a technical issue this article [1] was accidentally
published in volume 59, the correct volume for this
article is volume 60.
논문번호 :
학회지년월 : 201802
접수일자 : 2017-11-12 채택일자 : 2018-02-19
전공분야 : 축산환경
조 회 수 : 5
Nutrient production from Korean poultry
and loading estimations for cropland

Seunggun Won1†, Naveed Ahmed2† , Byung-Gu You2, Soomin Shim2, Seung-Su Kim2 and Changsix Ra2*

Background: Poultry breeding has increased by 306% in Korea, inevitably increasing the production of
manure which may contribute to environmental pollution. The nutrients (NP) in the manure are essential for
crop cultivation and soil fertility when applied as compost. Excess nutrients from manure can be accumulated
on the land and can lead to eutrophication. Therefore, a nutrient load on the finite land should be
Methods: This study calculates the nutrient production from Korean poultry by investigating 11 broiler and
16 laying hen farms. The broiler manure was composted using deep litter composting while for layer deep
litter composting, drying, and simple static pile were in practice. The effect of weight reduction and storing
period during composting was checked. Three weight reduction cases of compost were constructed to
calculate nutrient loading coefficients (NLCs) using data from; i) farm investigation, ii) theoretical P changes
(ΔP = 0), and iii) dry basis.
Results: During farm investigation of broiler and layer with deep litter composting, there was a 68 and 21%
N loss whereas 77 and 33% P loss was found, respectively. In case of layer composting, a loss of 10-56% N
and a 52% P loss was observed. Drying manure increased the P concentrations therefore NLCs calculated
using dry basis that showed quite higher reductions (67% N; 53% P). Nutrient loss from farm investigation
was much higher than reported by Korean Ministry of Environment (ME).
Conclusions: Nutrients in manure are decreased when undergo storing or composting process due
to microbial action, drying, and leaching. The nutrient load applied to soil is less than the fresh
manure, hence the livestock manure management and conservation of environment would be
Keywords: Poultry manure, Nutrient loading coefficient, Volatile solids, Total nitrogen, Total
논문번호 :
학회지년월 : 201802
접수일자 : 2017-04-11 채택일자 : 2018-02-16
전공분야 : 기타
조 회 수 : 1
Correction to: in-transit development of
color abnormalities in turkey breast meat
during winter season

Rafael H. Carvalho1*, Danielle C. B. Honorato2, Paulo D. Guarnieri3, Adriana L. Soares2, Mayka R. Pedrão4,
Alexandre Oba1, Fernanda G. Paião4, Elza I. Ida2 and Massami Shimokomaki1,4

Due to a technical issue this article [1] was accidentally
published in volume 59, the correct volume for this
article is volume 60.
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