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Journal of Animal Science and Technology
Vol. 56, 57(2014~)
▣ 편집위원장 : 최인호
▣ 편집위원 : 정호영, 최창원, 이철영, 오세종, 김관석,
    이홍구, 송민호, 김은중, 조철훈

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유전 및 육종
번식생리 및 내분비
Effects of the plane of nutrition for grower pigs on their grow-finish performance and meat quality in winter   Bo-Seok Yang1, Myeong Hyeon Kim1, Jung-Seok Choi2, Sang Keun Jin1,3, Man-Jong Park1,

Effects of the plane of nutrition during the latter grower and entire finisher phases on grow-finish pig performance in summer   Seung Won Yang1, Myeong Hyeon Kim1, Jung-Seok Choi2, Sang-Keun Jin1,3, Man-Jong Park1,

Nutrient composition and in vitro fermentability of corn grain and stover harvested at different periods in Goesan, a mountainous area   Kim Margarette Nogoy1, Yan Zhang1, Ye Hyun Lee1, Xiang Zi Li2, Hyun A Seong3* and Seong Ho Choi1*

축산물 및 가공
Effects of green tea leaf, lotus leaf, and kimchi powders on quality characteristics of chicken liver sausages   Juhui Choe, Gye-Woong Kim* and Hack-Youn Kim*

Comparison of physicochemical traits of dry-cured ham from purebred Berkshire and crossbred Landrace × Yorkshire × Duroc (LYD) pigs   Dong-Gyun Yim1, Jong-Hyun Jung2, Md. Mhahbbat Ali3 and Ki-Chang Nam3*

Microbial changes under packaging conditions during transport and comparison between sampling methods of beef   Dong-Gyun Yim1, Sang-Keun Jin2 and Sun-Jin Hur3*

초지 및 조사료
Methodological validation of measuring Hanwoo hair cortisol concentration using bead beater and surgical scissors   Jalil Ghassemi Nejad1,2, Mohammad Ataallahi1 and Kyu-Hyun Park1*

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